Committee of Management

  • President Margaret Treloar
  • Vice President and Membership Secretary Yvette Gilligan
  • Treasurer Susan Holdcroft
  • Secretary Deborah Groves
  • Newsletter  Editor Wendy Townsend
  • Southern Rep Jenny Croxton
  • North Western Rep Lesley Lyons
  • Northern Rep  Karen How
  • Exhibition Convener  Barbara Mellor

The following positions are appointed roles within the Tasmanian Quilting Guild:

  • Auditor:
  • Public Officer: Wendy Fittler
  • Retreats: Zoe Johns
  • Historian: Helen Ducker
  • Appraisal: Marlene Boatwright
  • Appraisal Administration: Sharon Thomson
  • Website Manager: Wendy Townsend
  • Workshop & Activities Convener