Friendship day

Good morning everyone

With only a couple of weeks until our friendship day I would just like to remind you all about our day
The following traders will be with us for the day:
  1. Hugs and Kisses
  2. Rainbow Patch
  3. Hat Creek Quilts (Deirdre will be doing a demonstration for us too)
  4. Bagdad Quilting
  5. Asobtime
  6. Tas Cottage Industries
  7. Quilt a Kit
  8. Easysew
  9. Flowerpot Quilts
Remember to bring with you
  1. Hand sewing if you have any
  2. A mug for your tea or coffee – that will be available
  3. Bring your own lunch
  4. Any quilts you have for show and tell
  5. Your money so you can buy raffle tickets and spend with our traders
  6. Wear your name tag so visitors will know your name
  7. We would be grateful if you could bring a plate of food to share for morning tea.
We really look forward to see as many of you as possible

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