memories – an exhibition by circle of 4

memories – an exhibition by circle of 4

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Official launch: 5 pm on 8 December 2017
Cost: $10 (inc. refreshments)
Venue: Gone Rustic, 37 Main Street, St Marys, Tasmania, Australia

Circle of 4 is a group of 4 Tasmanian fibre and textile artists who create artworks in reponse to a challenge theme each year.

This exhibition showcases their diversity and unique talents, with a contemporary ‘take’ on skills such as felting, quilting, embroidery, eco dyeing and design.

Each work is an original, created by its maker from initial concept to reality while loosely interpreting the following aspects of memory:

MEMOIR – diary, confessions, a snapshot in time, collection
MINDFULNESS – thoughtful, watchful, considered
JOURNEY – exploration, transportation, holiday, outing
CHRONICLES – record, archive, history


Lauree Brown
Dorotea Hinrichsen
Judith McKinlay
Rita Summers

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