AQC Challenge 2017

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AQC Challenge 2017

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The AQC is delighted to announce the theme for the prestigious AQC Challenge in 2017 is ‘Made in Australia: Flora & Fauna’!

Quilters from Australia and New Zealand are welcome to participate in a fun challenge that presents the chance to be featured at craft shows on both a national and international level.

For more information, please see below and attached media release or visit this link.

To download the AQC Challenge logo and images of 2016 AQC Challenge finalist’s, please visit this Dropbox link.

For images or to coordinate an interview with Craft Consultant Judy Newman, please feel free to get in touch with me on 02 9452 7572 /

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AQC Challenge 2017, theme announced:
‘Made in Australia: Flora & Fauna’

The prestigious event in the Australian quilting community’s year, the Australasian Quilt Convention (AQC), is calling on all quilters to participate in the 2017 AQC Challenge. The 2017 quilt challenge theme is ‘Made in Australia: Flora & Fauna’.

Competition finalists will have their work showcased at AQC in 2017 and at the 2017 Craft & Quilt Fairs, taking place in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and New Zealand. In an exciting international exchange, the quilts will also be displayed at the Quilters of Mexico exhibition in Mexico City in February, 2018.

According to Expertise Events Craft Consultant, Judy Newman, the AQC and the Quilters of Mexico event are collaborating to celebrate the similarities and differences between the cultures.

“Quilting is a much-loved pursuit across the globe, and quilters love to share and draw inspiration from each other; this collaboration will allow an exchange of ideas from two diverse cultures and two countries which are a world apart. It will be fascinating to see the cultural trends evidenced in the quilts,” said Ms Newman.

Similarly, the AQC in 2017 will feature quilts from the ‘Flora & Fauna of Mexico’ challenge, from the Quilters of Mexico exhibition. This gives both countries the opportunity to gain insight into culturally diverse quilting techniques as well as Indigenous plant and animal life.

The closing date for AQC Challenge online entries is February 10, 2017 and quilts must be completed between May 2016 and the closing date. The size requirement is 90cm square and the competition carries a cash prize pool of $5,500. Entries will be judged on interpretation of theme, design and workmanship.

For more information and to read the AQC Challenge Rules, please visit

About the 2016 AQC Challenge
The 2016 theme, ‘Tradition with a Twist’ was interpreted in a number of creative and diverse ways. Traditional patchwork patterns were given a spin, contemporary celebrities appeared in classic quilts, seams were turned out and techniques were tossed, and many of the 35 quilts are not what they seem at first glance. Catch the exhibition of the 2016 AQC Challenge, now on tour at the Craft & Quilt Fairs.

2016 Challenge First Prize winner was: A Happy Place by Alison Withers, Victoria
Statement: Lillian developed a passion for patchwork after learning the art with her mother many years ago. She knows all about Irish Chain, Evening Star, Log Cabin and Prickly Pear. Early in her patchworking career, Lillian made a Flying Geese jacket she still wears on crisp spring mornings while tending to her ever expanding garden. When she goes inside and hangs up her jacket, Lillian can’t wait to get into her fabric stash! Rummaging through different patterns and colours, she draws inspiration from the traditional skills and knowledge of generations of masterful quilters to create artworks with her own personal twist. Life is good!

Runner Up: Twist’n by Christine Dowell, Queensland
Statement: Change comes by breaking tradition or making small changes. The Twist was a change to dance traditions, machine quilting a change from traditional hand quilting, curved flying geese a change from traditional straight piecing. Innovation and change brings about new traditions often with a twist.

Viewers’ Choice: Blue Willow Becomes White Lace by Jennifer Horsford, Queensland
The Willow pattern emerged around 1780, portraying the love story of a rich merchant, his daughter Koong-se and the rich merchant’s secretary Chang. Originally, the Willow Pattern is blue on white china, my tradition with a twist is white fabrics and lace on a blue background. In ‘White Lace’, Koong-se stands framed in her window while Chang sails in his boat to rescue her. Later, the father chases them both over the bridge where they safely escape to their island hideaway in the upper left hand corner. When they are both slain by a jealous third party their souls are forever represented by the kissing doves.

The exhibition of ‘Tradition with a Twist’ quilts is currently touring the Craft & Quilt Fairs across Australia and New Zealand in 2016. To see all finalists, visit the Gallery page here:

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