Preparing your quilt for exhibition

All entries must be clean and in as-new condition.

All quilts larger than 100 cm in either width or depth must have a 10cm deep sleeve securely stitched to the full width of the quilt. Instructions for preparing a sleeve are available on the Guild website.

Please sew a label onto the back of the quilt (lower edge) stating the name of the exhibitor and the title of the quilt. Cover the label with a piece of calico for judging.  This can be tacked with large stitches along some edges so that the details can be checked but cannot be easily seen.

Please deliver each quilt in its own appropriately sized cloth bag. No plastic bags please.

Clearly label the bag with:

  • the quilt title
  • the category number as notified
  • your name and contact details


Securely attach (safety pins or stitch) a clear plastic pocket to your quilt bag.  A medium size zip-lock bag or plastic sleeve works well. Print the information requested on paper and secure inside the pocket.

Visual Guide to Preparing your Quilts

Click here to download an easy guide, with photos, for how to prepare and send your quilts. 

Delivery and return of entries

Quilts can be delivered to collection depots located around Tasmania. A list of the available depots will be included with the notification of your category number.

The delivery and collection dates are on the front page of the handbook.

Your quilt will be returned after the exhibition to the same depot it was delivered to.

There will be a sign in/sign out form at the depot.  Please make sure you sign this form when leaving your quilt, and again when collecting it.

Please double check all details before delivering your quilts. We do not want to cause problems for the shop owners at our depots or our quilt hostesses.

Quilts may also be mailed using Australia Post.  Please contact the Exhibition Convenor for mailing directions.

If you have any queries about the delivery of your quilt, please contact the Exhibition Convenor.

Quilts for sale

If you wish to sell a quilt that you are exhibiting please complete a Quilt for Sale Form (available from the website) and enclose it with your Entry Form.  A separate form is required for each quilt you are offering for sale.

A ‘For Sale‘ sign will be attached to the quilt instructing interested people to contact the Exhibition Convenor.

A 20% commission will be charged on all quilts sold. Postage to the buyer at the end of the exhibition will be arranged by the Exhibition Convenor, and will be withheld from the amount due to the maker.